Anti-Ragging Regulations

Ragging in any form is strictly prohibited within the premises of the college or outside. Any individual or collective act of ragging constitutes gross indiscipline and shall be dealt with under Ordinance XV-C of Delhi University, leading to rustication, expulsion or withdrawal of University Degree.

Anti-Ragging Committee, 2021-22




Mobile No.

Email Id

1. Hari Pratap (Convenor) 9717740241 [email protected]
2. B.N. Chaudhary 9868389124 [email protected]
3. Meena Sharma 9818625989 [email protected]
4. Sanjay Kumar 7042576330 [email protected]
5. Isha Verma 9810989930 [email protected]
6 Udita Agrawal 9891120686 [email protected]
7. Sangeeta Sharma 9810725581 [email protected]
8. Vipin Pratap Singh 9999924474 [email protected]
9. Anil Swadeshi 9968490672 [email protected]
10. Yogesh Verma 9953458687 [email protected]
11. Puneet Chandla 9818807327 [email protected]
12. Amit Kumar Bhagat 9310813639 [email protected]
13. Dr Onkar Lal Meena 9868534491 [email protected]
14. Ajay Kumar Garg 9811916446 [email protected]



(Prof. R.K. Gupta)