General Instructions:
1. Choose carefully by going through the syllabi of the different papers that are available on the Delhi University website. Requests for change in papers will not be entertained after the form has been submitted.
2. You have been asked to give more than one preference in the case of some papers. This is because some of the options that have been offered may be withdrawn at a
later stage for various reasons. If that happens, you will be given the paper of your next preference. Therefore, it is important that you:
(a) give all the preferences asked for, and
(b) choose a different paper for each preference.
3. Personal details should be filled in carefully. A confirmation e-mail will be sent to you on submission of the form. If it is not sent immediately, it will be sent in two to three
days. You should carefully retain this confirmation e-mail.
4. The form is to be submitted only once. Multiple submissions will lead to the cancellation of your preference requests.
5. The deadline for the submission of the form is 01 p.m. on Sunday, 30 th October 2022