Cultural Committee

Apart from doing well at the academic level, P.G.D.A.V College (Eve.) has also done well in its Co-curricular Activities till date.

One of the Best Examples would be The Cultural Society of this College. This Society, which is further divided into various societies of Stage Play, Street Play, Western Dance, Folk Dance, Street Dance, Music, Debate, Arts and Crafts, etc., Has not only participated in many competitions but has also won a number of them.

The main objective of forming the Cultural Society was to allow the talent of our College to flourish as well as build a healthy relationship with other educational institutions, whether a part of Delhi University or not. We are happy with the results and with no hesitation I would like to tell you that the relation of our Cultural Society is good and healthy with the Cultural Societies of Other Colleges.

The performance of our College in cultural events has improved significantly over the last few years. This has largely been possible with the collective effort of the entire team of enthusiastic students and very supportive faculty members as well as the Principal.

The participation of a number of colleges in our Annual Cultural Festival ‘FALAK’ itself proves the bond which we share with other colleges. It also signifies that our cultural festival is increasingly becoming a destination for students from other educational institutions to come and participate. We would like to build on this momentum and try and make our cultural festival one of the destinations and sought after events.

Mrs. Udita Agrawal